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by Luke EASTMAN -
Number of replies: 0, several international students have been targeted by online and phone scams. In one scam, incorrect advice was given about fee payment methods that tried to trick students into transferring money to non-University accounts. In another scam, a student received a call that claimed to be from police in their home country, demanding payment of a fine. In that case, the scammers had copied the phone number of a real police station, which made them appear legitimate.

Remember that there are only a few payment methods accepted by the College and the University. If someone calls you (claiming to be the police, Australian Taxation Office, Department of Home Affairs, etc.) and tries to threaten you into paying money or sharing personal details, immediately hang up.

Any time that you are asked to transfer money or provide personal information, ask yourself: does this seem right? If you’re unsure, please talk with College Student Services for advice.

We also recommend you read advice about how to recognise common scams on ScamWatch.