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Term 4 Academic Skills: Online Discussion

Your final Academic Skills task for this year is participation in online discussion. This is highly likely to form an element of coursework at university.

During this term you should:

Add at least ONE new discussion topic;

Give your opinion on at least ONE discussion topic posted by someone else;

Make at least THREE direct replies to other people's comments.

This forum will be moderated and, while you may post on any topic, please ensure that your posts remain polite and respectful at all times. Remember that you are practising taking part in an academic discussion forum, so please avoid using very informal language, eg, 'wanna', 'you guys', or emoticons :), and try to show that your opinions are based on evidence and reasoning.

Please also review the advice on online discussion which we discussed briefly in class (click on the link below):

University of Waterloo 2017, Online discussions: tips for students, Centre for Teaching Excellence, viewed 20/04/2018,

The discussion forum will close at 5.00pm on Friday 23 November 2018.